Steven R Goldstein MD is a NYC Obstetrician and Gynecologist, author, professor at NYU and inventor of the Goldstein Catheter.

Endovaginal Ultrasound

Targeted for the sonographer, radiologist and specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, this textbook provides a solid, comprehensive introduction to endovaginal ultrasound. In the book, Dr. Goldstein outlines how the experienced ultrasound imager can incorporate the vaginal probe into overall diagnostic capabilities. Beginning with a description of normal pelvic anatomy, he goes on to describe several conditions in the pelvic area, including pelvic masses, pregnancy and ovulation. Chapters on pregnancy cover the embryo, fetus, detection of fetal anomalies and the use of ultrasound prior to first-trimester termination. Dr. Goldstein also includes updated and expanded chapters on infertility and assisted reproductive technologies and the postmenopausal use of ultrasound. He finishes the book by discussing how practitioners can incorporate endovaginal ultrasound into routine pelvic examinations.

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